EPITA – 2017 promotional video

A progression from BIRTH (chaos, abstraction) to PERFECTION


Presenting key themes of EPITA, a computer science graduate school.

The idea : showing a progression from BIRTH (chaos, abstraction) to PERFECTION (the final EPITA logo – assemblage of 3 triangles)

Sucessive presentation of the following keywords, related to some of the current themes in the world of computer science :

– block chain
– réalité virtuelle
– intelligence artificielle
– big data
– projets innovants
– objets connectés

As the abstract form grows and complexifies, with each new keyword it is refined into its final form — the EPITA logo, formed of 3 triangles.


Animation, Art Direction, 3D Animation


Cinema 4D, After Effects


Studio : IONIS Group
Client : IONIS Group