EPITECH Innovative Projects 2015

title sequence

Created for videos presenting the annual selection of Epitech Innovative Projects (EIP’s), at Epitech, a computer science graduate school. Created at IONIS Group.


Studio : IONIS Group
Art Direction : Marie Viansson Ponté
Client : Epitech


Official site

This is the graphic design of the print visual identity created by my colleague, Marie Vianson Ponté. Starting from this I was tasked with creating an animated presentation for the series of videos we would be producing.




Starting with the idea of networks present in the print design, I imagined a sudden self-organisation and seeing a structure form from the abstract lines.

I created a 3D sphere object in Plexus, with instanced sprite objects at the vertices.

At first the camera floats towards important keywords among floating icons (internet iconography, such as checkmarks, locks, progress bars), then we zoom back to discover all the icons forming into an ordered icosahedron sphere.

The sphere expands rapidly in size, taking us to the center icon – the EIP symbol.