Collaboration project : I worked with artist Ursula Berlot in the creation of this Video Vanitas portrait. 3D particle effects were used to create an aesthetic of fluid, organic & ethereal transformation. The video was edited to have a meditative, repetitive rhythm.

Video Vanitas – Self-portrait presents a hypnotic image of the continuous dissolution of the author’s face, skull and brain. The repetitive liquefying interplay between the exterior and the technologically-visualized exterior posits the question of visible and invisible, physical and mental. However, the image of the skull is not only a metaphor for the transience of life and the inevitability of death; in relation to the sound of rhythmic respiration it evokes death as a faithful companion of life and its faithful shadow, and in turn illuminates the meaning and value of life, heightening the consciousness of human existence.

– Ursula Berlot


Audio : Scanner
Direction : Ursula Berlot